Why Boss Air Suspension

Author: Stoney   Date Posted:9 December 2015 

What Makes Our Products So Good

Boss Airbags

BOSS air-bags are manufactured using the most technically advanced machinery and are tested far beyond any possible real use scenario.

Setting The Standard

BOSS Air Suspension Airbags and Load Assist Kits or "Tow Kits" as they are called in the USA, have set the industry standard for over 10 years.

Leading The Way

BOSS also leads the way in bag sealing technology utilizing forged ring and stamped top-plate assemblies to ensure long life and removing the possibility of leaking often found on "steel-crimp" style airbags. BOSS bags are tested to pressures exceeding 750psi by independent testing agencies which ensures BOSS has some of the safest, if not the safest airbags on the market today.


BOSS Air Suspension is recognised as being the leader in Load Assist (Tow Kits) kits in harsh and rugged environments from the icy reaches of Europe to the 45+ Degree C heat of the Australian Outback. 6mm thick steel stamped brackets, welded then Zinc plated with the BOSS Gold finish adds durability and style while being very easy to install with simple hand tools.