Tanami Pump

Author: Stoney   Date Posted:1 March 2016 

RV4x4 is soon t release the Tanami Pump to suit steel jerry cans, in both Pterol and Diesel models


Tanami Pump  -  suits Metal Jerry Can Transfer Pump

Suits both Petrol and Diesel Fuels

For use with 'Metal' Jerry Cans

No moving parts

Runs with 12 V air compressor, foot or hand pump

Powdercoated body resists corrosion. Red or Yellow

Empties a 20 litre Jerry Can in minutes

Tested with Petrol using 72 LPM 12v "Max Volume" air compressor

Powder Coated to resist corrosion



No internal moving parts

Operates with air pressure as low as 2-5 psi

Air inlet : Schrader Valve

Safety : Pressure relief valve

Outlet : 10 mm pipe with 2m fuel grade hose

For low pressure/volume 12 volt air pumps

Not to be used with 240 volt high capacity air pumps



Tanami Pro Pump Body

Pressure Relief Valve

Hose Clamp

2m Fuel Grade "Clear" Hose

Operating & Safety Instructions


Registerd Design No. 200911988



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