Charge Plus Battery Chargers

4x4 Battery Chargers
Most vehicle alternators are not designed to fully charge your secondary batteries, in fact most aren’t designed with second batteries in mind at all.

An insufficient charge rate will, at best, shorten the life and performance of your battery. It will more likely result in it being flat when you least expect it.

The Charge Plus Battery Charger is a three stage, in-vehicle charger for 12 or 24 volt vehicles that operates from any input between 9 and 42 volts DC and is Fully Automotive Load dump rated.

Its advanced electronics ensure that your secondary battery always receives the ideal voltage and current for maximum battery life and performance.

It is also a highly advanced battery isolator that protects your start battery from excessive discharge, while allowing your secondary battery to supply non-essential loads.

We are developing 2 chargers, 20 Amp and 40 Amp, both with dual inputs, 1 connection to your vehicles battery and the second is a MPPT Solar input.

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